Jan-Marcel Voggenreiter & Bastian Hau



/imagine is a speculative design approach that deals with the consequences of climate change for mobility in regions that are acutely affected by disasters such as floods or storms.

It is no mystery that global infrastructure is ill-equipped to deal with such problems. Natural disasters will not only affect rails, roads, and bridges, they will also completely reshape our life and the way in which we view/use mobility. We believe that such detrimental effects to the environment will cause us all to adopt a more nomadic lifestyle. With environmental conditions in a constant state of flux, we will be forced to relocate and move more frequently. Additionally, we believe that the majority of humans will prefer the more stable climate of evening hours.

/imagine is reimagining one of the world’s oldest infrastructures

Our goal with /imagine is to adapt to these increasingly likely circumstances with a new type of infrastructure. To be successful, our proposal must remain adaptive, consider the needs of the individual, and seamlessly support use at nighttime. In view of climate change and environmental pollution, it is necessary for us to make our product 100% sustainable, mitigating air pollution, the use of rare materials, or a dependency on destructive electrical grids.

The logical and perhaps obvious medium of this infrastructure is light. It is the ideal medium to create paths at night, has an unmatched symbolic power, and provides hope and solidarity. To meet all these requirements, we work with bioluminescent mushrooms and algae, whose potential to create a new type of light source is also being researched in modern science. Existing research served as the basis for our own experiments, considerations, and the products that resulted from this project.

Due to mushroom and algae’s independence from modern infrastructure, we are able to create elements that can be placed anywhere, at any time, and by anyone to create fully-sustainable points and paths. Our vision: a living form of mobility that creates solidarity and empowers the individual for a future with hope.